Career Coaching

Stagnating at work? Feeling uninspired? Let Benita help guide you to make that leap you may have always been too scared to take. Let her help you find your work ‘mojo’ again. Her calm and level-headed guidance can help you feel empowered, motivated and energized again.

Benita was invited to the IWMF International Women Media Leaders Conference in Washington in 2011. The conference saw news editors from around the globe meeting to debate and discuss leadership in newsrooms. Managers try to find ways to elevate the status of women in the media, worldwide. Benita met with fellow news editors from a range of countries, including America, Argentina, Israel, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Comments from clients…

With her gentle nature, constant smile and non-judgemental attitude, Benita has a very calming nature and makes a session feel like coffee with a friend rather than an in-depth discussion about your life and where it’s headed.

Following her advice and using her tools, Benita and I worked through the issues I had with my boyfriend, we worked on our relationship and are currently preparing for our wedding in December…!